The Tea Circle
The Tea Circle
Meagan Francis

Welcome to The Tea Circle

Connection, creativity, and wisdom for women

About The Tea Circle

The Tea Circle connects women for deep conversations about wellness, creativity, family, aging, and more. Share wisdom and receive support and encouragement in a safe, social-media-free space that's tailored to where you are in life.

The Tea Circle community is a private, members-only space designed to support and encourage women as they answer the question: what’s next? 

Whether you’re trying to make self-care a priority or tap into your creative side, are going through a big life change, or need to talk through tough situations in your family life and relationships,  The Tea Circle is here to help with:

  • A nurturing and inclusive environment with 24/7 access to an active message board

  • The ability to connect privately with other members who live in your region or share your interests, goals, or life stage

  • Restorative, wellness-centered activities to help you transform from the inside out

  • Deep discussions to help you feel seen and heard, wherever you are in life

  • Seasonal themes to help you stay in flow with your surroundings

    Year-round benefits will include:

  • Ongoing facilitated discussions about books, articles, and more
  • Regular community Zoom chats on a variety of topics like creativity, wellness, goal-setting and more
  • 24/7 access to a private, members-only community forum for support and encouragement.
  • Exclusive discounts on courses, workshops, merch, and more offered by trusted partners.
  • Other bonus conversations and content

Have questions? Feel free to email Meagan at [email protected] to learn more and find out if The Tea Circle is the right fit for you. 


Why Join?

More Than A Message Board (And No Facebook Required!) This is a safe, friendly place where you can discuss hard topics, ask for help, and explore your dreams and set actionable goals to meet them. Instead of getting distracted by a busy feed, you’ll be able to really dig in on big topics with other women going through the same things as you. Replace mindless scrolling and unhealthy comparisons with targeted, relevant content, in-depth discussion, and real relationships. The Tea Circle is an intimate, active, engaged place where we can all dig deep, learn, and grow together through content targeted to your stage in life and conversations that deepen the experience.